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This is the report of the local church to the District Assembly and covers the activities of the church and its auxiliary organizations. Your faithful response makes possible the study of the fruits of ministries occurring in Nazarene churches.

Data gathered on the Annual Pastor's Report is important to some agency of the church and is significant to the statistical history of the Church of the Nazarene.

Explanation and Instruction

The Pastor is responsible to supervise the preparation of the statistical reports from all departments of the local church. After entering the data in the Annual Pastor's Report application you should print a copy of the finished report. It may be used as a guide for making next year's report and as a historical record. Only the numbered items will appear on the statistical charts printed in the District Assembly Journal; however, the unnumbered items are essential in giving a clear and accurate picture of the church and its needs. This report covers activities of the local church during the "statistical year" as determined for your district. "The exact date of the beginning and close of the statistical year...shall be set by the District Advisory Board."

Care should be taken to ensure that the statistics reported to auxiliary conventions by the respective leaders in the local church are the same as those included in the Pastor's Report to the District Assembly.

Read the explanation of items carefully. Completeness and accuracy are necessary. Check through the report step by step before entering the data in the Annual Pastor's Report application.